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“Fifty Shades of Gray and Women(s) Writing,” University of Birmingham Popular Literature Blog:

Teaching Charlotte Riddell’s Irish Gothic Fiction,” Irish Women’s Writing (1880-1920) Network


Samuel R. Delany, The American Shore, in Strange Horizons

Edward Dimendberg, Film Noir and the Spaces of ModernityFilm Philosophy 10:3 (2006), 80-94:

Elizabeth Hand, Wylding Hall, in Strange Horizons

Desiree Henderson, Grief and Genre in American Literature, 1790-1870Irish Journal of American Studies 3 (2014):

Ernest Hogan, High Aztech, in Strange Horizons:


Discussing neurasthenia on Words to that Effect

Radio Appearances

2018: Discussing Chuck Palahnuik’s Adjustment Day on Arena, RTE 1: Find my full review of the book here: Adjustment Day review.

2017: Appearance on Hannah’s Bookshelf, North Manchester FM:

2016: Discussing Cormac McCarthy on Talking Books, Newstalk 106-108FM:

2010: Discussing Pete Dexter’s Spooner on Arena, RTE 1:!rii=b9_2751457_1526_10-05-2010_